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The Uldum Cabal Raiding Guild is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (1)
Frost (1)
Unholy (1)
Balance (1)
Feral (1)
Restoration (1)
Holy (1)
Protection (1)
Retribution (1)
Discipline (1)
Holy (1)
Shadow (1)
Assassination (1)
Combat (1)
Elemental (1)
Affliction (1)
Demonology (1)
Destruction (1)
Arms (1)
Fury (1)
Protection (1)
UC Progression

The Uldum Cabal Welcomes You

The Uldum Cabal is an end-game semi-casual, progression-focused, raiding guild with the goal to provide a fun home for characters who would like to participate in 5,10, and 25-man instances without any form of mandatory attendence requirements.  We normally do 25-man raids Tuesday through Thursday at 8pm-11pm PST server time.  On off-days some do 10-man runs.  We also have achievement workhorses, PvPers, and a variety of craftsmen who can be found online most hours of the day.  We play World of Warcraft on the Uldum server (PvE), a lower population west coast server with no login waits.

If you are interested in joining The UC or would like more information, please apply directly at this website.  If you are currently a member and have trouble seeing things on the website, please make sure you're logged in.  If you still have problems, contact me and I will be happy to help.
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Lord Rhyolith WHO? Pfft...

Avertaliya, Sep 8, 11 8:37 PM.

Shannox super serial dead dead like fred

Avertaliya, Aug 24, 11 9:56 PM.

Chimaeron Ded!

Jethre, May 24, 11 4:42 PM.
Next time someone remind me to take a pic of Atramedes...

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